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...that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God,
and that believing you may have Life in His Name - John 20:31.

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Confess And Teach For Unity
(CAT41) is dedicated to the advancement of Confessional Renewal in Lutheran parishes and synods worldwide. It is maintained by Rev. Eric Stefanski and he writes that CAT41 seeks to accomplish its goals by simply and sincerely living up to its name, confessing the faith once handed down to the saints (Jude 3) in the face of any and all opposition, and teaching that faith through our words and actions so that Christ's Church might manifest the unity He so earnestly desires for it (St. John 17). It is for this purpose that the Church has historically bound itself to public confessions of the teaching of Holy Scripture and judged later teachers and teachings by those publicly-agreed-upon confessions of previous ages.

Reformation Today is an independent publication. Reformation Today has been created by confessional Lutherans within the LCMS who believe that the status quo must change and that this change can only come about through the faithful and deliberate proclamation of the law and gospel, and the application of our biblical and confessional doctrine in the life of our synod. Reformation Today seeks to advance a patient, yet deliberate practice of Evangelical theology and to foster a spirit of true unity and mutual care for one another.

Repristination Press was started in Fort Wayne, Indiana in June of 1993, beginning publication with several books by Wilhelm Loehe, Charles Porterfield Krauth, and other works by 19th century Lutheran theologians. Over time, Repristination Press has become a leading publisher of English translations 16th and 17th century Lutheran theology, including works by Johann Gerhard, Nicolaus Hunnius, David Chytraeus, and J.A. Quensted. Repristination Press has been located in Texas since 1998.

Agnus Dei Printing

Higher Things
- The mission of Higher Things, Inc. is to assist parents, congregations, and pastors in cultivating and promoting a Lutheran identity among youth through conferences, retreats, publications, and the internet.

To fulfill this mission, Higher Things:
  • Catechizes youth through instruction in Christian doctrine and life;
  • Involves youth in the mission of the Church to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people;
  • Publishes periodicals, literature, curricula, and other resource materials using print media and the internet;
  • Organizes conferences, retreats, and seminars to help youth become informed and active members of their congregations;
  • Encourages youth to consider vocations of service in the church;
  • Establishes networks for congregations to share resources for youth ministry;
  • Connects high-school and college youth with faithful Lutheran campus ministries and assists congregations and campus ministries in their service to Lutheran college students.

Evangelical-Lutheran Liturgical Congregations
- This website was developed to assist Evangelical-Lutherans in locating congregations which use the historic liturgy of the Church in all their services and practice Closed Communion. Whether people are traveling on vacation or business or moving to a new home, this directory will help them find Evangelical-Lutheran congregations which have not adopted worship customs from the surrounding culture, such as "contemporary worship," "praise bands," "entertainment worship."

Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Harrison, Arkansas - This is an excellent source of audio sermons if you are not near a congregation. Pastor Stefanski and the congregation provide this service. After accessing the homepage, click on "Sermons."

Have you ever listened to an audio sermon?

Sermon of Martin Luther - Church Postils
Epistle text for the Third Sunday in Advent
1 Corinthians 4:1-5 - "Stewards of the Mysteries of God"
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4

For more of this sermon and others, click on the "Audio CDs" in the left panel above.

♦   Preparing for Death   ♦
by Pastor Martin Moller (1547-1606)
Audio Book – 7.7 hours on one MP3 CD.

Can you help get the information out by promoting this important audio book?

The link below will open a pdf file with three pages that you may use as bulletin inserts, handouts and/or placed on bulletin boards. All three pages have different information. Please take a reading of these and if you are convinced that the content is worthwhile and the audio book may be beneficial to others, your efforts in getting information out to others about this book would be greatly appreciated. MLM

Please click here for more information on the book and the bulletin inserts.

For information on ordering the audio book, click on the "Audio CDs" link to the left of this note.



 A Last Apostolic Word   

To All Faithful and Righteous
Servants of the Word
2 Timothy 4:1-5


Carl Manthey Zorn (1925)

     A Last Apostolic Word is addressed to servants of the Word (including pastors, professors, missionaries, synodical presidents, etc.). However, and this is really to be stressed, all Christians should read or listen to this work. The Apostolic Word it treats (namely, 2 Timothy 4:1-5) is recorded in Holy Scriptures, which are intended for every one. The Christian laity should have a clear knowledge as to who is a faithful and righteous servant of the Word and what he is to do.

     The work is available from scholia in the following formats:

→     audio files of A Last Apostolic Word
→     the two pdf documents noted above
→     and a bonus - since there was room, the audio files of 
                  Martin Luther’s Commentary on Galatians
→     this is a CD data disk with audio files and not an audio CD
→     this data disk will play on computers and newer MP3 CD
                  players as well as loading onto iPods, etc.
→     this data disk is available for a freewill offering through
                  PayPal or by sending a freewill offering to the
                  address in the left panel (don't forget your address)

 Want to hear the first track - Zorn's preface?

Click here to download the 1 Mbyte audio file.

(Note: I was not able to download and play this file with my Mozilla Firefox browser,
but was able to do so with Internet Explorer. I do not know why. MLM)


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